Polyurethane smoothers: Rs300 fine grain

Lyophilized polyurethane resin with quartz and cement fillers.
Its function is to create a resilient surface with a spatulate effect without including aggregates.

  • Description

    Product properties

    • Very high resistance to the line - 95 shore D
    • High tip resistance - 70 N / cm3
    • Application on vertical and horizontal surfaces - Interior and exterior
    • Available in all RAL - PANTONE - NCS colors
    • Fast curing (3 h) even at 10 ° C
    • HACCP certified product - VOC = 0
    • Product without odor
    • Applicable to any thickness - Product exempt from withdrawal

    Resin family

    Aliphatic polyurethane


    Drum of 4 and 10 kg




    Each package is specifically labeled and shows the production code that identifies the plant and the production period. The product must be kept cool, away from frost, in the original sealed packaging. In the original sealed packages the stability is guaranteed for a year.

  • Application


    The supports must be clean, dry, stable and free from contamination and detaching substances


    Apply at a rate of 1.2 kg / m2 minimum - Always apply in two coats
    Before catalysing the product, mix the powder very well and then catalyze at 40% with additive 3041
    When completely dry 3 hours it is possible to sand it to highlight the spatula effect
    Apply with a steel trowel without teeth


    1.3 kg / sq.m depending on the support

    Drying and drying time: 3 h

    Lower temperature limit during application and drying:
    + 5 ° C for background and ambient air

    Tool cleaning



    To accentuate the spatula effect, sand the first coat with 120 grit before applying the second coat of the same product.
    Attention the product after 24 hours expresses its hardness characteristics; If you wish to proceed with a further hand, do not exceed 72 h.

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