Primer: 3037

One-component polyurethane primer without solvent ready to use.
Its function is to consolidate concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry surfaces before applying the Geocement cycles.

  • Description

    Product properties

    • Soluble without solvents and odorless
    • High drying speed (45min.)
    • Easy to use mono component product
    • High absorption in the support
    • Ready to use

    Resin family

    Hygro-hardening aliphatic polyurethane


    5 kg can or 1 kg tin




    Each package is specifically labeled and shows the production code that identifies the plant and the production period. The product must be kept cool, away from frost, in the original sealed packaging. In the original sealed packages the stability is guaranteed for a year.

  • Application


    The supports must be clean, dry, stable and free from contamination and detaching substances


    Apply in two coats
    Mix well before applying
    Apply with a short-haired roller, crossing the two application coats
    Wait for the drying time of 45 min between one coat and another. Do not exceed 72 hours between each coat and also between the second coat and the next resin passage


    0.2 kg / sqm for two coats (diluted product)

    Drying and drying time: 45 min.

    Lower temperature limit during application and drying:
    + 5 ° C for background and ambient air

    Tool cleaning



    Do not leave surplus material on the surface; the material must not in any case create a film but penetrate into the support

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