Everything you need for our dealers. The right solution for any space or existence

Rs Box

Rs Box

The box of wonders.

All your display needs on the go.


Rs Espositore Mini

Espositore Mini

The perfect solution for all the display needs of our retailers

Thirty Nine panels of different sizes that represent all the aesthetic effects that can be achieved with RS products.


Height 60 cm

Dimesini 40 x 100 cm

White lacquered wood

Rs Espositore City

Espositore City

The perfect solution for large horizontal spaces

A city in resin where every skyscraper is treated with resins and microcements


Average height 60 cm

Size of the base 300 x 200 cm

Rs Espositore Wall

Espositore Wall

The perfect solution for large vertical spaces

Fifteen large panels


Average height 150 cm

Dimensione della base L 20 m


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